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Subscribe to our advertising service! We only advertise small businesses, and we charge flat rates per module appearance (some modules may appear on the site on more than one page)! Since we don't charge per number of impressions, there is never any danger of being out-bought!

Rates and Details

Number of Placements
Cost Per Month
 Front Page
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Like any business, we seek to maintain appropriate content. When you contact us wishing to advertise on our site, we will ask for your ad content and review it upon receipt. If we feel it is inappropriate, we will return it to you untouched and kindly ask that you send different material. You will not be charged until the material is approved and placed into the module of your choice!

The following material is a list of that which we deem inappropriate and will not be accepted:

In an effort to keep things fair amongst businesses, the following are guidelines we will follow, assuming that your materials do not meet one of the above criteria:

Any other materials or applications that appear to be violating the intent of the advertising service will not be permitted. Any updates to materials already published that are found to be violating any of the above conditions will not be permitted and the business's account subject to review or termination, either with or without prior notice.

Modification of Materials

We reserve the right to alter content as needed to fit the advertising space or intent requested. We ask that applying businesses adhere to the sizing chart and conditions of materials for their respective plan when creating their ad. We do not accept responsibility for content not displayed due to resizing. We retain the right to any graphic created by us that is used in the making of the banner, and as such, any content not directly-attributed to your business that is already copyrighted accordingly is automatically subject to copyright laws as being property of Hyperioware, LLC.

Any original materials that are submitted to us by the requesting business remain the property of that business, unless requested in writing that we alter the content of those materials. For example, submitting an ad banner that is too large for the requested space will not become the property of Hyperioware, LLC upon resizing. However, submitted materials that are requested to have recoloring, correction of typographical errors, image changes, etc, will become property of Hyperioware, LLC, and may or may not be returned to the requesting business and may or may not require a fee as a result.

Ready? Set? Go!

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