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New Project!


Good Day everyone!

A lot of work has been going on here at Hyperioware, both with working on our look and the looks of a couple of clients on the books. But, the real news is the next big internal project here at Hyperioware.

A social network in the making, Project Grass Roots will help revitalize the middle class business and market. The framework is still in planning with some design being worked as we speak, but here are some highlights (without giving away TOO much)!

  • Businesses can interact with each other, offering support and cooperative advertising
  • Customers will be able to grow in stature with businesses based on a dynamic rating system;
  • Conversely, businesses can grow in stature within the community based on a similar rating system
  • Trades will be able to collaborate and help one another grow, bolstering the skillset and resources needed to lay the foundation for new businesses
  • Businesses register in their zipcode and city, allowing customers to search their local businesses

How is this different from other local business search sites? Project Grass Roots will be more dynamic; a living, breathing, social market. With minimal fees, small fledgling businesses can gain instant exposure to their local customers, regional market, or national sector!

Stay tuned to new developments as this enormous undertaking unfolds!



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